My Story

I’ve always talked to the plants & animals of Mother Earth. My dear mom raised me close to nature. She taught me magic was everywhere, we only had to be still to listen and receive.

As I grew up, I thought I had to put that part of myself aside to function in the “real world.” I had to provide for myself and accomplish the goals society had for me. My sensitive self had to toughen up in order to survive, that is what I believed.

I worked a various range of several jobs, including modeling, retail, receptionist, waitress, horse farm hand, vet assistant, housekeeper, stage hypnotist, shop co-owner, and even as a burlesque dancer for 16 years!

I still loved cooking with herbs and making and gifting herbal crafts. I later shared running a new-age shop with my mom, where I made aromatherapy blends, bath salts, teas, and candles.

At 31, I gave birth to the greatest gift the Universe has given me, my beautiful daughter, Serenity. A few years later, my mom was diagnosed with cancer.

At the time, I was in a failing relationship, raising my daughter, studying to be a veterinarian technician, working as a dancer, and helping my mom. My dear mom passed after a two-and-a-half-year battle, and my clinical mental breakdown followed shortly after. It took my life to fall apart for me to put it together the way that my mind and soul needed. A breakdown eventually transformed into a breakthrough.

When you transform yourself the world you live in will also be transformed”
~Deepak Chopra

After raising my daughter, I, at last, completed the Herbal Apprenticeship I waited for 22yrs to take @Misty Meadows. Then I studied Sacred Gain Herbalism for a few years at @Blackbird’s Daughters Botanicals. I’ve also studied Reiki, Aromatherapy, and Skin care formulation.

I’m still learning, growing, and healing wounds, both from this life and from generations before me. It is a multidimensional healing journey, and that’s why I create products that can provide multilevel support.

I have been tweaking some of my formulas for years and am so happy and proud to be here. If I can somehow inspire just one person to heal enough to not wait 30 years to follow their true path and embrace their authenticity, then the pain of the past will be worth it, more than it already is.

I’ve learned Self-love and care are key, and it is a layered and sometimes challenging process, but you can not wholly love another until you heal & love yourself, and in doing that, help heal the Collective. My products are created with this philosophy in mind.

My goal is to help you love you!

I am so pleased you are here and embarking on the journey with me!

Divine Blessings,

Maria Fairbrother


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