How to Dry Herbs at Home

It’s harvest season and that means drying herbs! There are some great drying racks on the market, but you can also dry herbs at home, here are a few hacks I use:

Lay on wire racks:

Search your home for wire racks to use, I’m using racks from my power air oven. You may also consider wire shelves, dish racks, etc., Clean & disinfect the rack & lay herbs flat onto it, then store them in a cool, dark place & make sure they receive good ventilation.

Hang to dry:

Tie small bundles with twine & hang them upside down to dry. Leave enough string to hang or you can use clothespins or chip clips. Keep out of sunlight to preserve flavor & hang in a dark, dry spot. I have mine in my pantry closet.

Hang in a bag

Place herbs upside down in a mesh or paper bag and hang to dry. Or, you can dry in a basket, a food dehydrator, or an oven & microwave. You can also find many DIYs online to make your own drying rack.

Happy Harvest & Herb Drying!💚

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